Whale watching Trip

Superbe projet pour les élèves de 4e et 3e option LCE qui ont participé à une excursion en mer au départ de Deshaies afin de découvrir les cétacés dans le sanctuaire AGOA (aire marine protégée de la Guadeloupe).
L'ensemble du projet a été réalisé en ANGLAIS.
Merci à Mmes CULIT, BESRY et GAIL pour leur investissement.

Le reportage en pdf :

Partie 1
Partie 2

Les impressions des participants :

Students’ Remarks
Fiona - 4e – “From the boat, we saw a lot of animals like dolphins, sperm whales and fish. It was so fun! After, we ate at the beach then we took the bus back to Port-Louis. We learned a lot on that trip, that was really cool!”

Alizee - 3e – “The whale watching tour was very interesting especially at the times when we sited the sperm whales, thanks to their ‘blow’.  We have to preserve these cetaceans, because they are what make the ocean so special and beautiful.”
Teachers’ Remarks
Ms. Besry – “I really enjoyed this trip. It was so different from what we usually do in class: the students were able to discover new species, get a breath of fresh air while practicing their English.”
Ms. Culit – “This whale watching trip was such an enriching experiment on what we can do in terms of English outdoor activities, here in Guadeloupe, with our pupils.
Ms. Gail – “I believe the trip was very informative and fun.  It was very exciting to see the whales and the dolphins. Also this experience just reminds me how beautiful the world is and that we must take care of it by protecting the natural habitat for the animals, the trees and we the people, from pollution.”

Les vidéos :

Départ de Deshaies en bateau : https://youtu.be/0CJ-prRo7jo
Cachalot en vue : https://youtu.be/aocXge2BEgM
Dauphins : https://youtu.be/e9ef14zqd3I
Interview élève 1 : https://youtu.be/72u_bXW2r3U
Interview élèves 2 : https://youtu.be/bRlwcp-cQao
Interview élève 3 : https://youtu.be/XnlVjXoGMl4